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IN 2018 Pauline will be participating in “Let’s Face It,” a year long course that will explore creative portraiture and figurative art as seen through the eyes of artists throughout the centuries.  This extensive eCourse will be taught with video presentations by 22 different artists (see below) and will last from January 1st through early December, 2018. The course is downloadable and students have access to it forever. For FAQ’s see below.


“This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to get a glimpse into art history while having fun and exploring your own interpretations of the figure and face through different historical periods and artistic movements!”



For her contribution to this exciting project,Pauline will be looking at the relationship between two artists and their muse, and how that relationship contributed to a series of remarkable portraits full of emotion.  Pierre Bonnard and Lucien Freud, two giants of the face and figure in post modern art are the artists she will present.  21 additional instructors will present more than 46 other historical artists from the Renaissance through Impressionism to Contemporary living artists in a year long journey of creativity!!

Registration Opens on October 2nd at midnight EST The Early Bird cost is only $104 USD  ($129 after December 4th) RIGHT NOW ENTER BELOW FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN THIS YEAR-LONG ECOURSE. ONE ENTRY WILL BE RANDOMLY SELECTED ON SEPTEMBER 30TH.

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eCourse FAQ’S

What is included in Let’s Face It?

  • 50 weeks of learning! Each week you will receive a BRAND NEW lesson that has never been seen before!   Lessons will alternate between full-length videos that walk you step-by-step through each Instructor’s creative process, and mini lessons that share special tips and strategies to use as you are creating. Typically we will be rotating between a full-length and a special technique lesson. This way you will have about two weeks in between the longer lessons.
  • 20+ lessons from your Instructors – full length videos with A LOT of hand holding
  • 20+ mini lessons from your Instructors – PDFs, short videos that include tips, secrets, tricks, etc.
  • 9+ lessons from your host, Kara Bullock.  Lessons will include both full-length and mini!
  • 46 videos that share give some background and insight into master artists.
  • Artist Give Aways.
  • Step-by-step PDF instructions to go along with the main lessons.  These will be printable and you can use them to follow along with the lessons.
  • Downloadable content that you can keep forever, including the videos!!  All videos will be downloadable!  Whoo Hoo!!!
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • A Private Facebook group dedicated to those of you taking the course and your teachers!
  • A look at the major movements of art history: Renaissance, Post-Renaissance, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Expressionism, Abstract, Surrealism, Contemporary.
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