13th March-10th April 2017 – 3 week Ecourse

This is a 3 week guided Ecourse.
The Ecourse material will also be available for 12 months after this course finishes so that you can re-visit this Ecourse again and again!

“Somewhere deep within her” 39×39″ 2016
plus details.

 The Journey Forward …..



This Ecourse will  take Abstraction as it’s subject, but we will move way from the pure intuitive abstraction of Pathways to Abstraction where we resisted ‘pictures’ to a space between abstraction and recognisable imagery which is where I am aiming in my own practice.  I think my painting above is a good example of this as the background is full of painterly abstraction , but there is a figure also and they work together. That figure could be a tree, it doesn’t have to be a figure, but I am big into the figure, so I will be using a figure as the ‘objective’ part of this course. The point is that the figure and background look as if they belong together and that is what I want to explore during our three weeks together.
Pathways to Abstraction was all about intuitive abstracts without a specific image emerging as we applied principles of painting to what was coming through. This time we have a distinct destination! Also a guiding light throughout this Ecourse will be Pierre Bonnard who was a master of abstracting the figure. His figures are not trying to be perfect figures, they are much more about emotion as will see.



This week will look at how I created this type of background for the figure which has organic overtures without being specific.
What I used to help build the background, was stencils in a very painterly way, so that they are not shouting ‘stencils alert’ at the viewer. :))
So I am going to show you how to use stencils that way this week.
Its great fun!
I will also do more colour mixing demo’s as reined in colour is the best way to keep your painting harmonious and in my painting here, I adopt the ‘mostly, some and a bit’ principle. It is mostly blue/green, some red, and a bit of yellow. Its started out with more then that and I reined the colour in. We will do more colour mixing in week one as its so important. We will also do a charcoal drawing of the figure as people may not have done the figure before. I have had great results from my technique as you can see from the student showcase film from the first outing of this Ecourse last November. It is at the end of this page.


The figure takes centrestage!

Do not panic at this point if you have not done the figure before as I have chosen a very straightforward pose as you can see here, and I am going to show you how to paint her! The image BTW was taken from a French movie about Renoir on the the TV using my iPad and the pause on my remote. There’ s a good tip for you! I will also show you what I look for in a photo as a source for painting as a good photo might equal a good painting, but a bad photo will not help you.
So this week we will work on simple figure poses like this, I have more variations to share from my bounty! This week also we will work on a very important principle of painting called ‘lost and found lines’ or edges.. It is another cog in the wheel of all great painting, abstract or otherwise. :)

Week 3

This week we will go back to our painted backgrounds armed with what we have learnt in week two, and we will get the figure onto a big beautiful abstract canvas and make it look as if it belongs there. :))


I am really excited to share this way of painting an abstract/figurative painting with you . The painting I started this conversation with is almost 3/4 abstract and as can see from the detail images I posted, there are many abstract paintings in there.  I am confident that any of you can master a straightforward pose. :))

As always on my Ecourses I will be broadening the conversation beyond the classroom walls each week.

All art is abstract. I hope you are as excited about what I have cooked up for Pathways to Abstraction – The Figure as I am. :)

Dive in to Pathways to Abstraction – the figure ! I can’t wait to see what we create together and want you to have 2 GREAT paintings completed by the end of our 3 weeks together!

 Pathways to Abstraction – The figure starts 13th March – 10th April 2017.

Pathways to Abstraction – the figure

 Fee = €150

Pathways to Abstraction – the figure The materials list is HERE

Here is a reminder of the terrific work that came out of the first outing of this course. We have a hard act to follow, but we can do this!