30th January-24th February 2017 – 4 week Ecourse – Prepare for Adventure and Fun!!!

This is a 4 week guided Ecourse.
The Ecourse material will also be available for 12 months after this course finishes so that you can re-visit this Ecourse again and again!

Abstract by a student of mine on the final day of
my workshop in California in 2015, who had
ZERO experience in Art prior to attending !

 Abstract literally means to draw from or separate. In this sense every artist is abstract.

 -Richard Diebenkorn

This Ecourse will take Abstraction as it’s subject –  an Expressive and Expansive, Beautiful subject, and enable it to become our filter to explore the most important overlapping principles of abstraction, Drawing, Composition, Colour and Value, in ways that will help us to come closer and closer to the essence of art, with a better command of this life enhancing activity. It is so empowering to feel your self growing as an artist, and I know how to take you there:))


WEEK 1  Mapping a direction and following a line:

Using lots of different drawing materials and tools, this week we will explore how to find your natural mark!
Is it?
Or a combination of some or all of the above.
We will also create simple compositions from our ‘line’ work that will inspire bigger Abstract paintings.
As well as our line drawings we will create composition possibilities from photo’s using simple apps.
This is what we will dive into with abandon and fun in week one, and by the end of the week we will be ready to go Bigger and Bolder into abstract territory armed with maps of possibility!

 Week 2 – Exploring monoprints and collage as pathways to Abstraction

Simple monoprints are widely used by artists as source works for abstract paintings and this week we will explore fun ways of making exciting marks with monoprints, and how to create abstract composition thumbnails with collage. Your findings this week can be incorporated into your bigger abstracts as we journey forward.

This is a 4 week guided Ecourse.
The Ecourse material will also be available for 6 months after this course finishes so that you can re-visit this Ecourse again and again!

‘My happy place’  Pauline Agnew 2016

Week 3  Underlayering with colour and value.

This week we will develop our compositions using  texture creating mediums and a wide variety of materials and approachs to create under painting that will bring movement and energy to our work

We will also explore how to move from intuitive multi-colour to a more considered palette that will pull our compositions together.

A link to the materials list will be sent in your registration confirmation email. 

“Pauline, You could teach the pants off any teacher in the world’s greatest art institutions not only due to your talent and the fabulous course materials you provide, but because you instil so much self belief. I think that old chestnut, ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ is so true of how I came to be here in your Ecourse. I feel like a flower slowly unfurling and will never be daunted by a blank canvas again : )” –

Amanda de Vouno. Canada

‘Abstract’  36×36″ Pauline Agnew 2016

Week 4 – Creating BIG BOLD COMPLETE Abstracts!

You have opened up the pathways and accumulated the know how and this week we need to bring those babies to the Finish line!!

We will work on a couple of paintings simultaneously this week using all the elements that have led us thus far and create two abstract paintings at least that we could hang in our homes!!



As always Pauline, your course was wonderful! A superb teacher with the patience of a saint….Great classes with loads of in[inspiration for everyone from the beginner to advanced student. You have great ways of teaching us all to follow our instinct and use the technology and tools around us. I loved it as always!
Gina Bronzini Ahrens USA

World renowned abstract artist
Barbara Rae is just one of the artist
we will look at on this Ecourse. She rocks!

We artists need to learn from our tribe

A signature style of my Ecourse’s is that I broaden the conversation of everything that we do to include the masters of art. Everything is connected.


 Pauline, YOU can teach anything!!!!! – Deirdre Dunnion, California

I can vouch for Pauline Agnew’s amazing ability to connect with students and to get the most amazing work out of them! Whether you’ve done courses before or are a novice, you will surprise yourself at what appears under your hand and before your eyes! Seriously, think of giving this a go. She’s a Star from West Cork and a delight! You get so much for your money here and there’s no pressure, other than that you want to ride on her wave of skill, joy and enthusiasm for art.
-Jaci Dunsford. Wales

” Pond life” – Pauline Agnew 2015.

Student work Spring 2016 – Pauline Agnew


How long is the Ecourse

This is a  4 week Ecourse, with 20 days of instruction Monday to Friday. I teach via Video, and Multi-media presentations, and include very personal support and feedback from me

How do you interact with me?

I interact with you in a private Facebook group, where you can upload your work for feedback and support. Some students take this course privately and that is fine too. I foster a warm and supportive environment in my FB groups which encourages and respects learning art processes, and I am very proud to say that my students thrive in this atmosphere, and learn from each other as well as from me.
However, for students that are shy about posting work in progress to a group setting, I offer private feedback at an additional charge. You can message me if that is an option that you would prefer through the messaging box in the sidebar to your right, for further information.

Who is this class for?

All levels, from total beginners to college graduates looking for a fresh approach

Does the class meet at a certain time?

Course content is released daily Monday to Friday in my website, and you will be able to access the information at any time that is convenient to you. People post to Facebook all the time, and I interact during GMT hours, which could be morning or evening your time, It’s social media connectivity and it works!

How much time is required each week to do this course?

2-3 hours each week. You get out of it what you put into it, and you have no commute to get to class! Win/Win !

How long will I have access to the materials?

You will be able access the materials for 12 months.   A private Facebook group is set up for each time I run this course, and when the course finishes, it will remain open.

What happens after I register for the course?  

Very shortly after you register, you will receive confirmation of your registration a link to the materials list.   Shortly before the start day, you will receive an email containing the password and access to the class website, and facebook page.

How familiar with a computer do I need to be for this course?

You will need high speed internet access so that you can stream videos.  All group conversations will be on a private optional Facebook page and you need to know how to upload an image to Facebook, which is really easy.

What materials will I need?

The materials list is HERE

Dive in to  Pathways to Abstraction. You will be inspired and uplifted.:)

30th January – 24th February.

 Pathways to Abstraction.

Course fee: €185/$207